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Mr. Hugo Parra
President of Comerciantes Unidos

Ten years ago Mrs. María Ramos told me about a business meeting that took place on the first Thursday of each month which was in Spanish, "recalls Hugo Parra, elected President of the United States, his first visit to the group.
Parra explains that the concept of meetings in Spanish to obtain information about the businesses was of interest to him, but at that time Parra was too busy.
Mrs. Ramos, who has a history of community activism, was persistent. "I have always spoken with great passion of this group," added Ramos. After a couple of months he decided to attend a meeting. Parra remembers having the question of many, Who are United Traders?
Today she answers easily, "We are a group of business owners and independent workers with great ideas. Where we most come to this country, without money, without much knowledge of the English language, nor of labor laws, but with the illusion of starting their own business. "
"I really admire the merchants they have realized their dream, they have achieved a level of success based on their passion, hard work and for their perseverance in obtaining answers," added Parra, "But what I admire most is not the one that they managed to have Their place of business or work for themselves; I admire the dedication of contributing to your community. "
During his career in the group he has given the reason for the saying "better give than receive." Based on this as president proposes that the affiliation of United Traders provide their knowledge, time and resources to improve the Spanish-speaking business presence in our community . He is a firm believer in that money is useful but, "success is not always wealth and money, but doing what we like and helping others whenever possible."
The 2015-17 directive of United Traders convenes a business owner to participate in the monthly meeting. In which affiliation has an afternoon with topics of interest to entrepreneurs, interactions with other entrepreneurs, self promotion of your business, community support and many other benefits. The meeting is held on the first Thursday of the month inside the Cancun Restaurant starting at 7:30 p.m.

Our meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Cancun Restaurant, located at 135 E. Miner Ave., Stockton, CA. Click on the map for the Cancun Restaurant.

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Comerciantes Unidos is an organization made up of San Joaquin County Hispanic Entrepreneurs, located in Stockton, CA that awards $500 scholarships to high school students currently in 12th grade who are going to transfer to a Community College or University to continue their studies.

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